CLCCR´s areas of activity

Delegates from the national associations together with member companies meet twice a year at a plenary meeting to discuss and decide about political and economic issues. Statistical data is gathered from national associations and made available to CLCCR´s members. The special technical interests of the individual members are safeguarded by CLCCR´s Technical Committee (TC) and its working groups. There are working groups on GRRF (Braking), ADR (transport of dangerous goods), TIR (transport under customs seal), ATP (transport of perishable foodstuffs), GRSG (General Safety, Bus & Coach), and reduction and monitoring of CO2 emissions for trailers and Buses & Coaches. CLCCR actively participates in a number of technical working groups of the European Commission (DG Grow; MVWG; DG MOVE; Road worthiness; DG ClIMA; Co2 reduction an monitoring) and in the working groups GRRF, GRSG, GRE, ADR, TIR and ATP of the United Nations in Geneva.